Chadbourne Library needs more Non Fiction - Please help by donating with Donors Choose
Mon, Mar 13 1:38pm

Dear Chadbourne Families and Friends,

Please help fund my Donors Choose Project for the Chadbourne school library!

The average age of the non-fiction section in our library is over 20 years old.  It is very important to me to provide up to date and current non-fiction books for our readers. When I asked the students what type of books they would like to read, most surprisingly asked for more for non-fiction! They are excited to learn about science, space, computers, gaming, coding,  animals, and dinosaurs, just to name a few.

Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help me reach my goal. If you are able to contribute, please donate here:

Chadbourne Library Donors Choose Project

Thank you!

Ms. Bessler

Chadbourne Elementary Librarian