Chadbourne Math Olympiad 2017-18 Results
Thu, May 17 5:09pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Hello Chadbourne families,

Here are the results of this year's Math Olympiad contests. CFFA registered 4 teams for Math Olympiad this year (3 in Division E and 1 in Division M). 


1. Highest Individual Score Award - The top scorer in each team receives a trophy.  Congratulations to the following students who are the top scorers in their team.
Team Division Participants Highest Scorers Overall Score
Blue E 4th grade Arsh Shah 21/25
Green E 4th & 5th grades Dhruv Bhargava (Gr 5) 22/25
Red E 5th & 6th grades Cindy Hao (Gr 5), Alex Burd (Gr 6), & Allison Wang (Gr 6) 20/25
Yellow M 6th grade Roopaum Mal & Ryan Dong 22/25
2. Gold and Silver pins - Students who were placed in the top 2  percent receive gold pins while students who were in the next 8 percent receive silver pins.
In Division E, students who scored 23 or more will receive a gold pin. If they scored between 19 - 22, they will receive a silver pin.
In Division M, students who scored 23 or more will receive a gold pin, while students who scored between 18 and 22 will receive a silver pin.
This year, Chadbourne students earned 14 silver pins in Division E and and 5 silver pins in Division M. No student earned the gold pin.
3. MOEMS Patches - All students in the top 50 percent receive an embroidered fabric patch with the MOEMS logo. This year students with a total score of 12 and above in Division E and 7 and above in Division M will receive the patch.
4. Certificates - All participants receive a certificate. If your child was registered, but did not participate in any of the contests, they will not receive a certificate.
5. Perfect Score Award - Within each team, students who had a perfect score of 25/25 over the 5 contests are awarded the coveted Dr. George Lenchner Medallion. This year we had no perfect scorers in any of the teams. 
7. Team Awards - All four Chadbourne teams fell short of making it to the top 10 percent of teams that competed worldwide. Hence we did not earn any "Highest Team Achievement" plaques. I hope we can change this next year.
Congratulations to all the participants! Trophies will be handed out during the Awards Assembly on June 8th (9 - 10.30 a.m.) . Pins, patches and certificates will be distributed in classrooms on the same day.
The goal of this competition is to provide challenging, though-provoking problems that encourage students to think deeper and stretch their abilities, strengthening their foundation for both assessment tests and more advanced studies. Regardless of how they performed, they have all gained by participating.
Many thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped me administer the contests at school. I look forward to your continued support next year. Special thanks to our wonderful teachers Mrs. Farmer, Ms. Bianchi, Mr. Lorenzana and Mr. Armstrong for lending their privacy shields for use during the contests. 
We will start team registration for Chadbourne MOEMS 2018-19 in September 2018.  Next year, the contests will take place in the morning from 7.30 a.m. to 8 a.m. instead of after school. The change was made as I was having trouble getting parents to volunteer and because kids were not being picked up promptly after the contest.  
Have a great summer getting ready for another wonderful year of math :)
Jyothi Iyer
Chadbourne PICO
MOEMS 2017-18