Chadbourne Pioneers (Class of 2020 Edition) Music Video
Mon, Jun 8 8:20am
Dear Chadbourne Pioneer Family,
Here is the link to a music video created to honor the Class of 2020:  

The Class of 2020 gives a virtual performance of our school song, "Chadbourne Pioneers," written in 2004 by former Music Teacher Jeanine Bickett & her students. The Class of 2020 Edition is a production of the vocal recordings of forty 6th graders, mixed with my instrumentation. Mrs. Pedrotti & Mrs. Wentworth also contributed special Promotion messages. All the best to the Class of 2020!
Special thanks to the soloists whose voices are featured in the following order: Nishita, Shriya, Zainab, Eesha, Ashwin, Anusha, Dhruv, Pranav, Elaina, and Vaivas. Thanks to all 6th graders who contributed photos and created vocal recordings to make this celebration of their years at Chadbourne. Congratulations!
Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer!
Take care,
Joy Magalit Suh
Chadbourne Music Specialist