Chadbourne Safety Patrol : Call for Volunteers
Tue, Aug 27 8:19pm

Dear Parents


Hope you all had a good Summer and excited to enter 2019-20 School year. I am Anand Sridharan, from Chadbourne safety patrol team.


Safety Patrol is a key volunteer activity that we as parents provide the school all through the year. The activity involves helping students enter the School campus safely in the mornings and leave the campus safely in the afternoon. You will be helping the students to cross safely at the crosswalks and Valet drop offs.

I am writing to you because, we need several more volunteers. This year several parents who were parents of 6th graders have moved on to the middle school and we really need new volunteers. Each day we don't have volunteers, we have to close down Valet drop off or just not offer any safety patrol.


We allow 6th grade students to volunteer along with their parents. I personally found this to be a rewarding experience. You get to work along side your kids, guiding them on safety rules and its a great shared experience. The students get credit for volunteer hours from their teacher/school.


If you are interested, please reach out to me directly by emailing [or]  log in to Konstella  Web portal and click on Signups [under the "More" pulldown] , click on "Volunteers needed" you will see the page that leads to Safety patrol sign up.


We will offer you a  quick training session, after which you can start volunteering on a day that works for you. 


Safety of all our children is very important. It would be great if several of you are able to find the time to volunteer with us. Looking forward to hear from you.


Thank you


Anand Sridharan

On behalf of the Safety patrol Team