Chadbourne's Halloween Carnival Support
Sat, Oct 28 8:00am-3:00pm
Chadbourne Elementary

If you're new to Chadbourne, then you may not know that each year CFFA provides a safe venue for kids to come dressed in their Halloween costumes and play carnival-style games – like Beanbag Toss, Milk Bottle Knockdown, etc – and go home with a sack of candies.


But it's more than that.  In the past, the kids have had a trick-or-treat costume parade with teachers handing out candies, a raffle with great prizes including Disneyland Passes, the chance to win “Boo Bucks” instead of candies at the games, and a BooBuck Booth where kids could trade in those bucks for small toys.  Not to mention other “behind the scenes” work like decorations, music, candy management, raffle ticket sales, pizza/snack sales, and volunteer coordination.  The point is, I need a group of parent volunteers to do this work.






Multiple Jobs in support of Halloween Carnival Signed Up: 11 / 15

Sat, Oct 28 8:00am-3:00pm
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