Wed, Mar 25 2:32pm

Good Afternoon

I wanted to follow up on the last message I sent about the extended school closure.  Teachers are not required to do Zoom, although some are.  These are new situations so please be patient with your teachers and what they are doing.  I know I have some teachers where they are very natural with technology and  some where it is not comfortable for them and may take a little longer to get there.  Please remember many of our teachers are at home with their children, so it is more challenging to help your students as well as helping their own.  I definitely relate to this!  I am not helping other students, just my staff and community.  Spring Break is as usual, so no work will be provided for students during that time.

If you are concerned in any way please feel free to contact me.


We are all adjusting and working to provide the best for our students.


Thank you

Mrs. Pedrotti