Covid-19 helpful reminders
Sun, Mar 15 9:43pm

Hello Pioneer families,

As we find ourselves in the middle of this unprecedented public health crisis, it is important to understand that each of us has a responsibility to help flatten the curve. Here are some things we can do:

1. Stay safe and healthy - eat healthy, take your mind off the current events and go for a hike or a walk, do deep breathing exercises to help you relax, listen to music, keep yourself occupied with positive thoughts.

2. Practice good hygiene - wash hands often and thoroughly, don't touch your face with unwashed hands. There is no need to depend on hand sanitizer when we have access to hot water and soap at home.  Wash for at least 20 seconds. Wipe down regularly used surfaces and contact points at home with disinfectant.

3. Don't overburden the healthcare system - Many of us may have regular flu symptoms like cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat etc., but as far as possible please think before going in to a clinic. Try to see a doctor through video appointments. Same-day virtual care with clinicians for common health issues is offered by both PAMF and Kaiser. As testing becomes more extensive with the availability of test kits over the next two weeks, we will have a spike in cases and we do not want to risk exposure by going to clinics nor should we unnecessarily overburden the already stressed healthcare system.

4. If you suspect you have been exposed to the virus, please contact your clinic for procedures to be followed. Please call before you head out.

5. While it is a good idea to stock up enough food and supplies for the next 2-3 weeks, please remember that stores will stay open.  The reason to stock up on certain products now isn't so much to avoid potential shortages  but to practice social distancing. There is no need to stock up for the next 2 months.

6. Please check in with your elderly neighbors and our frontline warriors (people in healthcare) if they need any help. If you are stepping out for groceries, maybe you can offer to pick up what they need too (groceries, prescriptions) and drop it off at their homes. Each such gesture goes a long way.

7. With schools closed, if you know of kids who depended on school lunches for their meals, please let them know of available free food programs.  FUSS will be providing free lunches during school closure (see attached flyer for locations where bagged lunches will be available).

8. Many of us are blessed to not rely on school lunches.  Please consider donating to keep these free lunch programs going as long as is needed. You can make a donation at If you are able to donate gift cards to stores, please let Mrs. Pedrotti know and she will help distribute them to families in need.

9. Please remember as there is no vaccine yet and care is largely supportive, the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING STRICTLY.

Stay healthy!

CFFA Board 2019-20


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