Don't Forget: 2019 Variety Show is TOMORROW (4/5/19)!!
Thu, Apr 4 3:06pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Dear Chadbourne Pioneers, Teachers/Staff, Parents, Friends and Families:
You are invited to an exciting evening at the 2019 Variety Show featuring our talented pioneers! This is a once-a-year opportunity to see all their amazing talents and performances on one stage! Don't miss it!
When:  4/5/19 (Friday) 6:30--8:30pm  
Where:  MUR at Chadbourne
Who:  Everyone is invited!  Welcome to bring your families and friends as well!
Ticket:  $2 (cash only) per person at the door.  Ticket box opens at 6pm
 Attached is a E-version of the invitation that you can bring it at home and give to your families, friends and neighbors!
See you all there!