Donations Update & CFFA Meeting December 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm Room 1
Chadbourne Elementary
1 day before

Dear Chadbourne Community,


Please join us for the fourth CFFA board meeting on December 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Room 1. I have attached the MoMs of October meeting for your reference.


So far we have received donations from only 49% of the parents. We need donations from at least 90% of the parents in the community. Unless you are going through a financial hardship, we urge you to donate. Without your donations, we have to make hard choices to cut the programs that benefit your students.


Thanks to all the parents who have donated so far or whose donations are in the pipeline. We couldn't be more grateful to you for helping us run all the enrichment programs at your school. I urge the parents who have not donated as yet, to donate as soon as this request recaches you. We need your help as well. We can't go far without your help. Please consider donating soon. Again, all the enrichment activities at your school run on your donations.  


If you need help with Konstella, send an email to


CFFA financials, minutes of past meetings,  activities and board members duties/job descriptions are listed at You can also find CFFA information on Konstella - Committees, More →  Files & Links. We look forward to your participation.


Agenda for CFFA Board Meeting November 5, 2018:


  1. General Meeting call to order - 7:00 pm
  2. President's welcome to parent community
  3. Parent Group Proposals
  4. Teacher Group Proposals
  5. Review and Approve:
    • MoM October 2018
  6. Principal's update:
    • General updates
    • Capital Project(s) 2018-2019
    • Other updates, if any
  7. Teacher Representative Updates
    • Other updates, if any
  8. President's update
    • Other updates, if any
  9. Vice President’s updates, if any
    • Other updates, if any
  10. Standing Committee updates
  11. Treasurer’s update
    • Pioneer Pledge status
    • November Budget Update
    • Other updates, if any
  12. Secretary’s Update
    • Classroom funds status
    • Other updates, if any
  13. Other updates, if any
  14. Adjourn - 8:00 pm



Ganesh Yadav

CFFA President 2018-2019 


Tue, Jan 15 7:00pm

Tue, Feb 5 7:00pm

Tue, Mar 5 7:00pm

Tue, Apr 2 7:00pm

Tue, May 7 7:00pm

Tue, Jun 4 7:00pm