Earth Day turns 50!!
Wed, Apr 22 3:38pm

Earth Day is observed on April 22nd of each year and celebrates its 50th birthday today.  

Former President Richard Nixon celebrated the first Earth Day in 1970 by planting a tree on the White House South Lawn. An enormous turnout of some 20 million people across the country attended the first Earth Day festivities, putting the fight against pollution on the political agenda. 1970 also saw the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and signing of the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, the cornerstones of the nation's environmental regulations.

As large gatherings are not possible amid the ongoing pandemic, Earth Day celebrations this year have moved online. Millions of people around the world are expected to take part in the anniversary of what is called  "the largest secular observance in the world." We can each celebrate Mother Earth in our own special and personal ways and continue to work towards an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

We hope our Chadbourne families will find time to observe this occasion. Here are some suggestions:

1. Take a walk

Take a nice walk with your family through Mother Nature enjoying what spring has to offer while getting some fresh air. Be sure to steer clear of other people and wash up when you get home to be sure you’re clean.

2. Start a garden, plant a tree, propagate existing plants

Now that nicer weather is moving in, this is the perfect time to prepare your garden. Whether it’s fruits, vegetables, flowers or other plants, give back to the earth while getting your own goodies. Be sure to use materials that are safe and helpful to the environment. Do your research before choosing pesticides or fertilizers!

3. Pledge to practice using less single-use materials

It’s hard to find anything sustainable during these tough times, but do your best to reduce the amount of plastics you’re using.  Pledge to avoid plastic straws, styrofoam plates, ziploc bags, plastic grocery bags, single use water bottles, or even clingwrap.

4. Pledge to eliminate food waste

Plan to use your groceries and produce in a way that nothing goes waste. This not only helps the environment but reduced your exposure to Covid by reducing trips to the store.

5. Support eco-friendly online stores

Consider supporting eco-friendly brands with online stores that donate portions of money to conservation and cleanup around the world.  

6. Do some research on Earth Day on how you can contribute every day!

While Earth Day is technically only once a year, you can make everyday Earth Day. offers not only information on climate change, global cleanup and several other topics, but also gives you opportunities to pitch in and give back. You can find activities near you or send money to support people all over the world who are doing their part.

No matter how you celebrate Earth Day from home, being educated and aware is the most important thing you could do. Learn about how you can help and practice eco-friendly habits. 

Finally, it might be tough to think of anything positive coming out of COVID-19. While this disease and its effects on society have been devastating for humans, our planet is flourishing! You may have noticed a decrease in air pollution, clearer waters, and even more positive impacts that this disease has had on our planet. Consider this as the Earth's revival and review your virtual options via the Earth Day Network website to celebrate however you can, today and every day!

Enjoy your day of celebration safely and happily!