Elementary Report Cards and CAASPP Student Score Reports
Thu, Jun 2 4:14pm

Message from FUSD Elementary Education:


Elementary report cards and CAASPP (SBAC, CAST, and CAA) student score reports will be available electronically in your Illuminate Parent Portal this summer.  Paper versions of the CAASPP student score reports will also be mailed home to families in July/August 2022.


Here are instructions on how to access your Illuminate parent portal.  Please check your email and SPAM mail before contacting the schools if you don't remember your access code. The access code would have only been sent to one primary contact.  If you did not receive an access code, you’ll need to contact your school office as soon as possible.  School offices are only open through Thursday, June 9th.  If you don’t get access prior to the close of the school year, you will have to wait until offices reopen on Tuesday, August 9th to receive support.


If you have any questions, please contact your school office.