First Day Of School - Traffic Tips/Instructions !!
Tue, Aug 29 8:32pm
Chadbourne Elementary
Greeting Parents !!
Welcome to 2017-18 School year !!
Move your  Kids to Konstella Classroom
Teachers have already started sending welcome messages on Konstella, I see only 45% parents have moved their kids to respective classroom, rest please do ASAP or if you need help reach out to Konstella Admins
See attached document with instruction on how to move your kids to classroom.
First Day Of School - Traffic Tips/Instructions
This is a  recommendations from Chadbourne's Safety Patrol to keep you sane and safe tomorrow!
If you are a returning parent, please look back a year and think of the first day of the school.  If you still need convincing to park a few homes out and walk to school, please continue to read :)
Parents new to Chadbourne - welcome to Chadbourne!  The drop off area in front of the school has specific traffic flow.  It would really help you and other drivers if you park and walk to watch the traffic.
  • Expect pedestrians.  Lots of them.  Kids too.  They dart through the street.  And dart back!  Do not assume anything.   Go REALLY SLOW.... be prepared to stop!
  • Leave early
Street parking
  • Please check the signs on the street - e.g. parking is not allowed along Plymouth between the school and Covington, as well as some other nearby streets
  • Please do not block driveways. 
  • Please do not use driveways to turn around - it's private property.
Parking on school parking lots - PLEASE DO NOT!
  • No parking on the school parking lot - next to YMCA/lunch tables or in front of the school.  It does not matter whether you are visiting the office for a minute or classroom for an hour.
Drop off
  • Please do not use cell phone - even on speakerphone or headset - inside the school drop off area.
  • Drop off only in front of the school (in front of rooms 1-3)
  • No left turn from Plymouth into drop off area .  You must enter from Covington side.
  • No left turn out of drop off area to Plymouth.  You must turn right on Plymouth.
  • Turning left from Covington to Plymouth will be a long wait.  You have the Stop sign.  Cross traffic on Plymouth does not have a stop sign.  If they stopped, they did for the pedestrians.  Do not try to squeeze yourself in.
  • Please follow the instructions of the crossing guards.  Please volunteer if you can (check the sign up on Konstella).
  • If you need to help your child unload their bags, school supplies etc., please do not use drop off area.  That area needs to keep moving.  Please park and walk over.
See you around !!
Ishaque Ketekar
CFFA President 2017-18