Have a Great Summer Break Pioneers!
Sun, Jun 14 7:44pm

Greeting Parents


Thank you for your support and patience last few months! I want to wish you all a great summer break, Congratulate 6th grade students on their graduation and thank our graduating parents for all the help they have provided to Chadbourne and CFFA.


Especially I  would like to thank CFFA board members Jyothi Iyer, Priya Velji and Rupesh Nandanwar who were part of PTO for many years and involved in many CFFA sponsored activities at Chadbourne.


Thank you new board members for stepping up to help with CFFA activities in 2020-21 school year. We will be awaiting direction from school for next year please look for Mrs. Pedrotti's email.


However I would like to request parents to step up and if you could please sign up as we have several positions that are still unfilled. No prior experience is required.


Please see signup link sent earlier:




I will be keeping Konstella as it till first week of Aug 2020 as many of you have requested and send a note before i archive to prepare for next school year.


Have a great summer break  and Stay Safe& Healthy!



Ishaque Ketekar

CFFA President 2020-21