Join Konstella Classroom
Mon, Aug 17 9:58pm

Dear Chadbourne Community,


If you have moved and do not wish to receive messages from Konstella, mark these messages as spam in your email client and you will be removed by our Konstella admin. 


We have completed creating classroom for School Year 2020-21. Please follow instruction here to Join Konstella classroom If you have got your schedule already!


This will ensure that you will not miss any communication from your students teacher as well as any other school-wide announcements. If you know parents who are new to the community but haven't joined Konstella, this is your chance to send them an "Invite" (also on the left when you login) from Konstella to join or have them follow instruction here -


We also ask that each parent update their child’s information in his/her profile. Users without associated students will be removed without notice. Users with fake child information will also be removed. We take these measures to ensure the safety of your student(s). 


If you need help with Konstella, send an email to



Konstella Admins