Junior Library Guild now available to all students!
Tue, Oct 6 9:08pm

The Chadbourne Library has purchased the Junior Library Guild e-book streaming service!


Like other streaming services such as Netflix, JLG Digital features a rotating collection of titles each available for a particular amount of time (averaging 60-90 days). This means that we'll have a constantly revolving choice of books.

JLG is known for offering high quality books; many of them become award winners.  They also offer several Spanish/Bi-lingual titles each month.  Books can be read from whatever device you are using to access the site. To access books, use the link below and sign-in as follows:

 Sign in information:Junior Library Guild


If you are asked the username is: Chadbournelibrary

Password: Pioneer


Mrs. Bessler

Chadbourne Elementary Librarian