Kids Against Hunger
Fri, Jan 17 4:50pm



I am so impressed with all the money Chadbourne has raised so far.  We have a goal of $8000, and think we are over half way there.  We did a rough count, but will have more accurate count next week.  I am so proud of our students and community for coming together for such a wonderful cause.

There is still time to donate .  You can donate online and we will have the jar for spare change out on Tuesday.  I had my kids clean out our cars to gather any change they found, it was nice because my car got cleaned and they raised money.


You can also donate on like with the following link:

Be sure to write Chadbourne 1/21, classroom # and student name in the comment.


Thank you so much for all your support, coming together to help others really makes a difference.

Have a wonderful weekend

Kimberley Pedrotti