Kids Against Hunger
Mon, Nov 6 7:41am
Kids Against Hunger
Good Morning

On November 16th we are doing a packing event where Chadbourne Pioneers pack food to help feed others.
This is a great event, but we need donations and volunteers to help with the it.
I am adding the documents and a video from the last time we did this.
A three hour event helps feed many children and families around the world.
The smallest donation will help many people in the US and other countries.  Students will have papers in their Tuesday folders tomorrow.

Thank you

·         Parent volunteer sign up:  Need your help to recruit 30 parent volunteers.  Volunteers must arrive 8:15 a.m. and stay until the end 11:15 am. 

·         Fundraiser Flyer: also attached a pdf copy.

·         PayPal Donation Link: Donations can be made via PayPal, Check or cash but the easiest way donate is via the Chadbourn KAH campaign PayPal link. All donations received via PayPal will receive a tax receipt roughly 1 week after the packing event.


·         Class packing schedule: Please fill out the cells highlighted in yellow and double-check/update student count. We need accurate student count to bring the correct amount of meal supplies. You can fill in the class slots any way you like but please try to keep session 1, 2, and 3 to < 120 kids. The last session #4 should be bigger kids/4th or 5th graders and only two classes (three classes max if we have to).  Supplies will run low by the time we reach the last session so we’d like to have the bigger kids pack to be able to reach deep inside the bins.

2020 event : 20,736 meals packed

2022 event : 23,760 meals packed

Mrs. Pedrotti