LOST and Found: jackets glasses water bottles unbrellas toys scooters
Tue, Nov 2 2:23pm

Hi, Dear Chadbourne Families,


We have thousands of dollars of "lost and found" jackets, water bottles, scooters, umbrellas, toys, hats, and others items in front of our school.  PLEASE come today and pick up your child's belongings. Anything not picked up will be donated to a local non-profit on November 15th. 


Small valuables (glasses, jewelry,wtaches,cell phones, keys):

For small itmes like jewlery, watches, and glasses - please check with the office. We currently have two pairs of glasses in the OFFICE. One pink and one purple.


Lunch Boxes:

Lunch boxes must be retrieved within 24 hours as we can not keep food waste at school.  Missing lunch boxes can be found, after-school, located on the first picnic bench in the picnic area.  Water bottles are sometimes left there as well.


All other items will be found in the Lost and Found room across from the Office between 8am - 3pm. 


Thank you for helping your cute, long-lost missing items find their way back to your homes!