Wed, Oct 4 5:47pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Good Evening

I wanted to let everyone know that the Bee situation is 95% better than a few weeks ago.  Our district employees found two large nests that they removed and also sprayed the perimeter of our school over the weekend.  There are still traps out but the bees are not coming around.  

For the concern of the students eating outside during lunch I will assess the situation daily and make decisions depending on what the current temperature and conditions are.  If students are complaining about where they sit I do move them to a different location.  I will look into other alternatives for the lunch area but unfortunately the MUR is not an option on a daily basis.

I am pleading for help, Mr. Rod is going to be leaving during lunch, I really need more lunch supervision for our students.  If you are available from 11:25 - 1:15 I really could use the help.  It is a paid position so please see Mrs. Wentworth for information.


Thank you so much

Kimberley Pedrotti