Tue, Sep 18 5:49pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Good Afternoon, Chadbourne Families,


It has come to my attention that there is some false information being spread around our Chadbourne parents regarding our school lunch process.  I do not understand where this misinformation originated, however I want to personally address this to put an immediate stop to these falsehoods.


We have two extremely well organized and well supervised lunch periods each day at Chadbourne.  On most days our students eat at the picnic tables with their classmates.  Students are supervised by 8 paid noon duty staff members, the custodian, and myself.  If it is raining, or if temperatures become too hot/cold, or if there is a weather/air related health risk as determined by FUSD, students eat in the MUR, or in their classrooms if there is already a scheduled event in the MUR.  We do NOT have students sitting outside trying to eat their lunch in the rain.  I check the forecast daily, and in the winter months I check it before every recess and lunch period. 


If any parent has a concern regarding our lunch process or any other aspect of the running of my school site, please take the time to address me directly.  I take great pride in making certain that all of our students' needs are met. Your child's safety is my number one priority.  I have an open door policy and I appreciate having the opportunity to get to know you personally and alleviate any concern you may be having.


KImberley Pedrotti

Chadbourne Principal