MAZE Packets pick up at Chadbourne tomorrrow
Thu, Aug 15 4:39pm

Hi Chadbourne Families,


I've missed you!  Please remember to bring your yellow card when you pick up your MAZE Day packet tomorrow (8am - 3pm).  We can't give you the packet without the card. Friends/family maybe bring your postcard to pick up the packet for you!  Hooray!  It will be a drive-thru service - so you don't even have to park your car.  Be kind to our amazing parent volunteers who are helping us with this! (Hugs to our parents!)


If for some reason you haven't received your card, please come into our school office with 2 proofs of residency on Monday (8 - 3). They must be current (within the last 45 days). Our office is not open until Tuesday - but we will assist the few of you that this applies to on Monday.


Enjoy your last days of summer break!


Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary