Mon, Aug 17 1:21pm

Good Afternoon

I understand many of you have questions in regards to the beginning of the school year.

1. Textbooks - If you are 2nd - 3rd you will come Thursday the 20th between 9 - 11 to get your textbooks.  (First grade are doing theirs on a different day, which they are communicating with families) Kindergarten should have received information from the teachers in regards to Orientation and back to school night.

4th - 6th grade are on Friday the 21st , unless you have heard differently from your teacher.

2. Chrome books - you can get one when you come for materials.  Ask a staff member and they will direct you.

3. Schedules - teachers will be reaching out to families on the 21st to invite you to a zoom meeting on the 24th which will give you more information on what to expect.  (August 24th from 1-2).

4.  Please be sure to email the office with any concerns, as the office will be closed to the public until shelter in place has been lifted.  We are not always onsite so that is why email is the best.

5. If you still have library books from last year please bring them back to school, and any other books you may have.


Mrs. Pedrotti