Message from your Principal
Fri, May 19 4:49pm

Good Afternoon


Congratulations to all students for their outstanding work and completing this year's state testing. Staff will continue to test students who have not finished or need to make up any testing sessions. 


Many of our students have a supply of medication at school. A parent or guardian is required to pick up their child's medication(s) by the last day of school, June 2nd. Medications cannot be released to students, If not picked up by June 2nd all medications left will be discarded.


This is mainly for my families who have older students, but applies to all. When students get their yearbooks and have their friends sign them, please make sure the comments are school appropriate.  This is something they will keep and would not be happy if someone ruined it.  I will also remind them. 


I want the year to end well.  I can't believe this is the last year we will have 6th grade.  Change is good but takes an adjustment.


Thank you to all of you, I have loved being your students principal and wish our current 5th and 6th graders much luck on their new journey at Hopkins.


I should expect Graduation invites in the next 6 - 7 years.  I am proud of my Pioneers and who they have become.


Mrs. Pedrotti