Mission Attendance Area Parent Night
Mon, Jan 7 9:49pm
Chadbourne Elementary


This speaker is amazing!  I have elementary students and when I heard her speak last year I changed many things from what I learned.

Really a good thing to attend, we need to help our kids.


A Well-Balanced Approach

To College Admissions:

What Matters and Why

At this event Dr. Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the

Stanford University Graduate School of Education and

the co-founder of Challenge Success, will share extensive

research, data and recommendations surrounding the

college admissions process. This event will be geared to

families with children of all ages. Please note that video

or audio taping of this event is not allowed.


Tomorrow MSJHS C-120 From 6-8


Thank you 

Kimberley Pedrotti

Chadbourne Principal