Morning Drop-off Valet
Wed, Oct 30 10:48am

Good Morning, Dear Chadbourne Families,

As many of you discovered this morning we had to close our Morning Valet Drop Off due to lack of available parent volunteers today.  We have FANTASTIC and well-trained parent volunteers, but not enough of them.

Please help! We desperately need more Safety Patrol Volunteers in order to support the morning drop-off each day.  Even if you can only volunteer once a week for 40 minutes - or once every two weeks - we will be happy and grateful to add you to our amazing Safety Patrol team.

This program is approved by the Fremont Police Department and Fremont Unified School District,  but must be run in accordance with the traffic safety rules that were approved when this service was set up at our school site.  If we do not find enough parents volunteer to help with Safety Patrol and keep it open this year, we will, unfortunately, have to end to valet service. (We not longer have afternoon valet service for that reason.)

In the unfortunate event that the valet is not open in the morning, please park in the surrounding residential area and walk your child to our campus. It is important to follow all traffic laws. Do not park in the red zones, or yellow bus zones or in front of any residential or school driveways.


Thank you, and Happy Diwali!


Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary