Mrs. Richards is Retiring!!
Mon, May 24 7:24am

Good morning!!


The end of this school year is bittersweet...we just found out that another one of our beloved teachers is retiring, Mrs. Richards. She has devoted so much of her life to teaching our children and has made a lasting impression on our community.
I've created a Kudoboard for her, just as I have for Mrs. Farmer and Mrs. Upton. I'm hoping to have students, staff, parents, teachers, and past students/families write notes to them  and post photos on the all kudobards for us to share with them at the end of the school year. I plan to have all the messages and photos that we receive printed and bound as a keepsake for each of them. If you're able please post a message and/or photo to these wonderful women! Please share the links!
Mrs. Richard's Kudoboard:
Thank you!