Tue, Mar 24 10:36am
Dear Chadbourne Families,
Hope you are healthy and well during this time of sheltering in place. I dearly miss the sweet children of Chadbourne! 
Now is a great time to share the songs of your childhood. If you yourself know how to play an instrument, perhaps you could teach your child some basics. If they normally take music/dance/theater classes, please have them continue to practice daily.
Here are some music resources that I recommend using for your children during this time at home. They may recognize the funny videos from my classroom music lessons:
  • Essential Elements Music Class (Chadbourne subscription generously funded by CFFA)
Tap the blue "eye" icon to open up a song. Then you can view a lyric or music notation video, listen to a recording, and see the sheet music. 
(The links will expire mid-April, but I can generate new links if you still need access. Please let me know if you do, thanks.)
  • Here are my Google Classroom Codes:
3rd Grade: 26jdj5g
4th Grade: nwexoyi
5th Grade: unxooid
6th Grade: nsz3anb
  • I've also attached a workbook for the students for further enrichment.
Take care and stay safe.
Joy Magalit Suh
Chadbourne Music Specialist