Need Additional 6th Grade Students for Advanced Elementary Band!!!
Sun, Sep 9 4:25pm
Chadbourne Elementary


Below is a note from Mr. Conway, the Director of Instrumental Music at Hopkins.


Hello All,

We are looking for a bunch more 6th grade students to fill spots in this year's Advanced Elementary Band (AEB).  This is extremely important to help maintain the quality of the Hopkins Band Classes over the next several years.
Classes start this week (9/13) so this needs to happen somewhat quickly.  Basically we are looking for 2 types of students:
1.  Students who have never played a "band instrument" previously.  (I will work with these students to find a suitable instrument and to come up with a plan to get them caught up.)
2.  Students who may have played a band instrument previously but stopped (for any reason).
Normally there are between 115-125 6th grade students in AEB.  This year, there are only 87 registered!  This leaves us AT LEAST 30 SHORT!!!!!
I really need your help to try to recruit more students to fill these spots!  Taking instrumental music at school is one of the best ways (if not "the best way") to improve a student's academic success in middle school and high school, and greatly improves a student's ability to be accepted to the top universities, etc. following high school!  I want to make sure that as many students as possible are able to receive these benefits by participating in band!
Hopkins has maintained one of the best band programs in California for the last 30+ years.  We want to ensure that this continues into the future by making sure we have enough students participating.
If you need any additional information from me, please let me know.
Thank you for your help as we try to make the band experience for each student the best it can possibly be through the coming years!
Gregory Conway
Director of Instrumental Music
Hopkins Jr. High School
Bay Section CMEA Large Group Festival Coordinator
(510) 656-3500, ext. 38033