Need Photos for Yearbook by February 28th - examples attached
Tue, Feb 9 8:29pm

Greetings Pioneers,

We need lots more photos to fill our yearbook pages.  Please see attached examples.


We  need passport type photos (focus on Student's face) and candids of everyday student life.

   Don't forget to Buy Your Yearbook by March 15th!

Photos of:  School Spirit Days, Red Ribbon Week, Read Across America, Class Holiday Celebrations, Exercising, Studying, 1st Day of School, 100th Day of School, etc...


Photos taken on your phone are fine - no need for a photography session :)


It takes a bit of editing to get the pages ready for publishing.  Please submit your photos by February 28th so the yearbook staff has time to get the book together.


Kindest Regards and Much Thanks for All your Support!

Yearbook Staff