Noetic Math Contest (Fall 2021) - Results
Tue, Jan 11 7:26pm

Hello Chadbourne Community!

Our school participated in the recent Noetic Math Contest (Fall 2021) sponsored by the CFFA. The goal of the contest is to develop students' problem-solving skills, to encourage their interest in math, and to inspire them to excel in math. Some Chadbourne kids opted-in to participate and did amazingly well. 
Team Achievement Award
This is a team award given to the top 10% of all participating teams nation-wide. Our Chadbourne teams for Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 made it to the top 10%. Our 3rd grade team topped the leader-board for that grade. We received 5 plaques for each of the five grades. They are in the school office.
National Honor Roll
The top 10% of all participants in each grade (nation-wide) received National Honor Roll medals.
Honorable Mention
The top 50% of all participants in each grade (nation-wide) received Honorable Mention ribbons.
All kids received certificates for participation in the contest. 
The results have also been published publicly on the Noetic Math website
I hope the kids enjoyed this experience and know that we are all so proud of them! 
Mary Vattavayalil
Assistant Treasurer, CFFA