Noetic Math Contest (Fall 2022) - Results
Wed, Dec 7 12:08am


Hello Chadbourne Community!

Our school participated in the recent Noetic Math Contest (Fall 2022) sponsored by the CFFA. The goal of the contest is to develop students' problem-solving skills, to encourage their interest in math, and to inspire them to excel in math. Some Chadbourne kids opted-in to participate and did amazingly well. 


Team Achievement Award

This is a team award given to the top 10% of all participating teams nation-wide. Our Chadbourne teams for Grade 2, 3, and two teams of each Grade 4, 5 made it to the top 10% this time. We will receive 6 plaques for each of the teams in the grades which will be kept in the school office.


National Honor Roll

The top 10% of all participants in each grade (nation-wide) will receive National Honor Roll medals. At Chadbourne, 39 kids are eligible for this honor.


Honorable Mention

The top 50% of all participants in each grade (nation-wide) will receive Honorable Mention ribbons. At Chadbourne, 82 kids are eligible for this honor.


The results have also been published publicly on the Noetic Math website

Participants can also login to the student portal to review their answers and scores until the end of December.

I hope the kids enjoyed this experience and know that we are all so proud of them!


I would like to recognize the following parent volunteers whose help was instrumental in organizing this contest for the entire school:

  • Linda (parent of Caroline and Marissa Grade 2)
  • Srividya (parent of Bharati Grade 2)
  • Yeelih (parent of Kaitlyn and Avery Grade 2)
  • Shreya (parent of Atharv Grade 3)
  • Sri (parent of Aarav Grade 3)
  • Charu (parent of Avi Grade 6)



Aneesha Pailla

Noetic Math Chair