ONLINE MAZE - Please Read - Important
Tue, Aug 11 4:20pm

Good Afternoon, Dear Chadbourne Families,


Quick update:  Please check your email (look in SPAM too).  An email was just sent to you for online MAZE Day, which begins tomorrow.  If you have already set up your Parent Portal (which most of you have done) - it will be easy.  The forms you will complete online are basically the same forms you usually complete for MAZE Day every August . Once completed, the name of your child's teacher (subject to change as always) should be visible in your Parent Portal by early next week.

More information from us will be coming soon regarding things like: 

When/how will I pick up my child's textbooks?

How is this all going to work? 

Please check your regular email frequently during this time as all communication from FUSD and Chadbourne regarding start of school information will be sent to you there.  We will still use Konstella once school starts.


If you have NOT accessed your Parent Portal in Illuminate yet, please do so as soon as possible. This will be the only way to complete your MAZE Day forms for the start of school as well as find out who your child's teacher will be - a little earlier than usual.   Check your email and SPAM for the instructions. These instructions have been sent out several times over the summer.  Note: Email is only sent to one parent/guardian - so check with co- parents or guardians if you don't see the instructions in your email. It may be in theirs.


SOOOO many things have been happening to get ready for school:  The wheels are turning.  - The plans are planning.  - AND I'VE MISSED YOU ALL!   


Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary  

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