Online Summer Camp by Youth4Good
Fri, May 28 9:05am
Youth4Good online summer camps are tailored to students in grades 1 through 6, taught by our experienced high schoolers.  Your child will experience many fun subjects such as science, coding, arts & crafts, fitness, dance, public speaking, cooking, and many more!  Our teachers are all very experienced in teaching by hosting summer camps, online tutoring, year-long workshops, and winter camps. We received numerous positive feedbacks from parents and students. Check out a recap of our past summer camp:
How to register? 
Camp #1 AM: 4th ~ 6 Grade Camp (6/21-6/25: 9am~Noon PST)
Camp #2 PM: 1st ~3rd Grade Camp  (6/21-6/25: 1~4pm PST)
Camp #3 AM: 1st ~3rd Grade Camp (6/28-7/2: 9am~Noon PST)
Camp #4 PM: 4th ~ 6th Grade Camp (6/28-7/2: 1~4pm PST)
Camp fee: $150 for each camp. Please paypal to
Youth4Good has served over 35 meals and more than 1400 people in the homeless shelter since 2017. The homeless shelter will reopen in July, all proceeds from the summer camp will be used to provide meals at the Sunrise Homeless Shelter.