PE=STAY Fit for life!
Wed, May 13 9:58am

Good morning Chadbourne-

We hope and trust that you are doing well, adjusting to the new normal and staying healthy. We want to remind you to focus on getting physical activity/exercise for 60 minutes per day. we all need to exercise and train our bodies so that our bodies do not hold our minds back. This time we are in could be difficult and exercising can certainly help with easing your mind by focusing on being active, strong and healthy.

What type of things can we do, you may ask.

Here are some old suggestions and some new ones:

Walking, hiking, biking, jumping rope, playing catch, throwing/kicking/tossing a ball against the wall and retrieving/catching it, table tennis, tennis, badminton, Practicing individual skills for sports like=soccer, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, baseball, badminton, tennis, etc..,

agility and quick feet exercises.


Additionally, here are some links for activities that you can also do:

Fitness Yahtzee

Roll a story fitness activity



Here are some speed agility exercises that you can use tape to mark off on the floor or blacktop or patio.




Try to pick one activity per day and get your daily 60 minutes of activity/exercise in, including the weekends. Set a daily or weekly routine for yourself and/or mix things up to keep it fresh. Hopefully this will make you fitter, stronger and able to deal with our new normal routines.


Stay fit for life,

Coach Johnson and Coach Losson