Pick-up/Drop Off time
Fri, Sep 22 3:33pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Hi Chadbourne Families,


Important reminders:  

1) No students are permitted on campus before 8:05am. For some reason we have had a large number of students being dropped off between 7:30am  - 8:00am for the past few weeks. This is not allowed. 

2) Students must be picked up at their dismissal time. This afternoon we had over 30 students waiting to be picked up more than 25 minutes after the 2:50pm dismissal! We are keeping a log of all late pick -ups. Parents, please notify your drivers and/or after school care groups of this requirement. You may not realize that they are picking your children up late from school. All after school groups must pick up your children from the waiting area on campus.


On a lighter note: Have a WONDERFUL weekend! 


Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary