Please attend the CFFA meeting tonight!
Tue, Dec 3 11:44am

Hello parents,

The FUSD Board of Education is moving to an area-based election system as required by the California Voting Rights Act. In the current "at large" system, FUSD board members can live anywhere when they run for office. In an area-based system, trustees will have to come from specific zoned areas. The idea is that different geographical areas of the city can be better represented than under the current system.

The Mission schools have long felt that the current system did not represent their interests or voices appropriately. The process underway currently to divide the city into different geographical areas will have an impact in the future of how the Mission area schools may be represented on the board. FUSD has presented six different potential maps that will be used for dividing the city into different areas, and proposed different schemes by which FUSD trustees will be drawn from these areas, and the timeline by which it will happen. It is important that Mission parents understand these changes and how the different maps will impact Mission schools so that they can make an informed choice, both for voting or making their voices heard in the FUSD board meeting on December 10th where these proposals will be debated and voted upon.

There will be a presentation at tonight's CFFA meeting by Mr. Balaji, a Fremont resident and chairperson for community awareness team @ MPPFA. He has been following the implementation of the "by-trustee" voting system at FUSD and will explain the proposed changes to our parent community before the last FUSD public hearing scheduled for this topic on December 10th. It is important that parents attend tonight's CFFA meeting to understand the future direction of the school system and how it will be affected by these changes.  In addition, we encourage parents to participate in the FUSD public hearing on the 10th.

December CFFA Meeting - 7 p.m., Room 1