Portrait photos - keep sending them in!
Fri, Mar 12 1:17pm

Greetings Chadbourne parents,

I know you are all tired of seeing posts from me!

The yearbook staff are working overtime to tag all the photos you have submitted for your students.  We thank you very much for sharing photos with us.


We still need portrait type photos for most of the classrooms.  We aren't actually wanting real passport photos - just close ups that focus on the student's face.  It would be great if the student were smiling (or at least not grimacing), eyes should be open, and we'd prefer to see them without sunglasses, masks or other coverings that obscure the view of their face.  


Please tag the photos with a student name and classroom # or teacher name.

We have to tag each photo in the yearbook software and it will go faster if we don't have to try to figure out who the student is.  Luck has been with us so far but our time is running out to get the project finished.


Thank you So Much to the parents that have already sent in the photos!  It is not too late to send in candids and portraits if you haven't done so to:  yearbook@cffaonline.org


kind regards,

Pat Cole

yearbook chair