Sun, Nov 8 11:56pm
Message from afety Committee Chair at MSJHS:

I am the  Safety Committee Chair at MSJHS. On the Safety Committee meeting yesterday, on November 3rd we learned that FUSD’s task force committee is going to make a decision to remove the SRO program from FUSD on November 12,2020 Board meeting. 
Who are SRO’s ( School Resource Officers (SROs). SROs are police officers meant to protect students and school campuses ) To know more about our SRO’s click on the link below. 
This is a big decision and unfortunately even though the program was supported by all the 6 principals of all the High schools at FUSD and the parent community only a few members of the task force committee have made a decision to take it off the table. They had even done a public survey and the results were favorable towards keeping the program.  We the community and especially our students need this program for our safety. We all need to get in this together and rally and make our voices heard at the November 12th FUSD board meeting. 
Please step forward and support our officers when they need us as we need them for the safety of our students.
We need speakers who can help the board understand that we the people/ the parents are in favor of the program and we need it for our community and the Taskforce/ Risk Management Committee cannot make a decision and take the program off the table. Let us join hands together and make our voices heard and let the board know that we are in favor of the program for our school safety. 
Please sign up if you can be a speaker at the meeting.
Thank you 
Sangeeta khandelwal 
Safety Committee Chair