Safety Concerns
Fri, Apr 5 11:32am
Chadbourne Elementary

Dear Chadbourne Parents/Guardians and Drivers,


Due to an accident in our front parking lot loop this morning we had to close the valet to await the arrival of emergency services.  Thankfully no one was injured.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience that this situation may have caused you.  We appreciate your patience and understand your concern that this delay may cause your child to be late to school.  We have made a notation on any tardy slips that were due to this emergency at school.  Please know that along with our volunteer safety patrol parents, my secretary one of my teachers and myself immediately stationed ourselves to assisted in redirecting traffic to maintain student safety during this time.  As you know, safety is our number one priority.  


It is important to note that although most of our family drivers were attentive to our closed valet and redirection of traffic, many did not.   Unfortunately, we had drivers completely disregard traffic laws and began letting their children out in the middle of the street or in the red zones.  This was happening right in front of the police officer who was assisting us with this emergency situation as well as my staff members who were directing traffic.  These actions caused a great deal of immediate safety concern.


Traffic laws must be followed in school zones at ALL times.  In many cases fines are doubled during school hours or when students are present.  If we are redirecting you for some reason, it is ALWAYS for the safety of your own children as well as those who are crossing the street in front of and behind you.  The red zones in front of our school are to provide visibility and safety for families crossing the street in the crosswalks and in front of driveways.  When our valet is closed, you must park in a legal spot in the residential area surrounding our school to drop off your child.  Unfortunately, there is no other option available.  


Please help us keep our students, families, and staff safe.  


Thank you,


Mrs. Pedrotti