School Calendar Change
Wed, Dec 4 4:46pm

Dear Parent/Guardian Community,


The School Calendar Committee has been working diligently to develop a survey for all stakeholders to provide input. The survey results will lead to Fremont Unified School District and Fremont Unified District Teachers Association to work collaboratively to look at possible school year changes that will affect all students in the district. One change includes finishing the junior/middle and high school first semester before winter break. As a result, school will start earlier for all students. This survey will ask all of the stakeholders: Students, Parents, and Staff to provide input. The following prompts identify possible start dates, breaks, and the end-time of the school year.  California Ed. Code 46208 requires that there be 180 school days.


We are asking all parents/guardians to also ask their 5th through 12th grade students to participate in the survey.


Click on the word survey for the link to be able to take the survey.



Thank you for your input.


Mrs. Pedrotti