Sibling Priority Enrollment
Thu, Nov 29 5:39pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Good Evening, Dear Chadbourne Families,


New Sibling Priority Enrollment  Packets for next school year (2019/2020) are now available to be picked up from our school office by parents of current TK - 5th Grade students through December 19th. Parents/Legal Guardians: Please come into our office to pick up Sibling Enrollment Packets for incoming siblings of CURRENT students who are in grades TK - 5th. NOTE: Chadbourne must be your HOME SCHOOL.  If your current student has been overloaded to Chadbourne from your home school, or if your child is enrolled here for a special program, you may pick-up the sibling enrollment packet for your incoming sibling at your home school.  Inter District Transfers and Intra-District Transfer students are not eligible for sibling priority enrollment.  


For the Mission San Jose Attendance Area (which we are a part of) parents must return these completed packets, in person, to the FUSD District Office during normal business hours on 12/17/18 - 12/21/18.


Have a wonderful evening,


Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary