Student Safety - Morning Valet possibly closing
Fri, Jan 12 3:40pm
Chadbourne Elementary

January 12, 2018


Dear Parents and Drivers,


The morning valet situation at Chadbourne Elementary is of great concern to the staff, the parent volunteers, and myself. Currently, Chadbourne Elementary provides a morning Valet Drop-Off service for parents in order to maintain an orderly and SAFE way to drop off children at school. Unfortunately, we have found that although most parents and drivers are using this system correctly, many are double-parking and releasing their children right in the middle of traffic instead of within the safety controlled valet area.  Additionally, we are not getting enough parent volunteers to staff the valet drop-off area. Without the appropriate number of daily volunteers, we cannot safely run the valet. This disregard for the safety of our students and understaffing of our Valet service must be resolved immediately.  Parents and drivers are constantly complaining about the heavy traffic and lack of parking around our school.  In order to keep this traffic reducing Valet service open we need your help!


In order for the Valet system to remain in existence we ask the following:


  • More parent volunteers to support the Valet service.
  • Parents/Drivers do not allow students to exit their vehicle unless stopped appropriately inside of the valet area.
  • All students must exit cars from the right side of the vehicle.
  • Parents/Drivers NEVER use cell phones while in the car in the Valet line.
  • Parents/Drivers must RESPECT parent and student volunteers, and staff, in the Valet line.


Parents who are NOT using the Valet service:


  • Please conform to traffic laws on Plymouth Ave by NOT making illegal

U-turns in the middle of the road, NOT using unmarked crosswalks or jaywalking, and NOT parking illegally along the street.

  • Do not park in the teacher/staff parking lot at any time. (We don’t have enough spaces for our staff to park.)

 Thank you for helping to keep the valet open and maintaining the safety of our children,


Kimberley Pedrotti

School Principal