Wed, May 1 5:37pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Dear Chadbourne Families and Staff,


On behalf of Rod Victorine, Tammi Viegas, and myself (Trudy Wentworth), THANK YOU all SOOO much for the amazing and lovely Admin. Appreciation Day today!  Our office smells and looks like the World's most beautiful flower shop.  We love and appreciate you all!  Seeing the lines of students coming into the office with flowers for us this morning was so neat. Thank you all for the other surprises today as well! Chadbourne is truly a wonderful place to work and a very special family to be a part of.  :)

Thank you all again!


Trudy, Rod and Tammi (OR in pictured above order: Tammi Viegas, Rod Victorine, and Trudy Wentworth)