Teacher Appreciation Week - May 4th to May 8th
Sat, May 2 12:05pm

Hello Pioneers,

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Given the circumstances, CFFA is recommending a virtual Teacher Appreciation Week with suggestions to show our teachers love and appreciation from a distance.

Please send us any pictures you would like us to include as part of a slideshow that we plan to put together to share during the week. They can be pictures of your kids, of your kids with their teachers, of just the teachers, of your kids holding a message for their teacher, or just a picture of the message/card. This will definitely bring a  smile to the teachers' faces who have not seen the kids in 6 weeks! Please email the picture to joiyer98@gmail.com before 5 p.m. on May 5th. 

I will follow up with another email shortly with suggestions for teacher appreciation activities for each day of next week.


Jyothi Iyer