Teacher Appreciation Week starts tomorrow 5/7 - Bring a flower for your teacher
Sun, May 6 11:33am
Chadbourne Elementary

Dear Chadbourne Families,


Reminder: Tomorrow is a bring a flower for your teacher day. Please also remember to show appreciation to the prep teachers - Science Lab, Computer Lab, PE, Music and Art teachers.






Teacher's Appreciation week is coming up the tomorrow and as is tradition,  here are the suggested activities for students to show their appreciation to their teachers.


Monday,  May 7 - Bring a flower for your teacher

Tuesday, May 8 - Bring a handwritten note or card for your teacher telling them why you appreciate them

Wednesday May 9 - Coffee and Color day. Room parent or a designated parent sends teacher’s favorite coffee/drink to class, students wear the teacher's favorite color

Thursday May 10 - Sweets Day - Bring a  sweet treat or a fruit for your teacher

Friday May 11- Office supplies day: Bring supplies such as post its, white-out, binder paper, copy paper, stickers, grading pens, white board markers, Sharpies, ​etc.