Teachers' Appreciation Week NEXT WEEK
Fri, May 3 4:50pm
Chadbourne Elementary

Dear Chadbourne Families,


Just a reminder: Teachers' Appreciation Week is next week (5/6 - 5/10).  Thank you for helping your children show their classroom teachers and prep teachers appreciation with fun surprises throughout the week!  We are very lucky to have such AMAZING teachers at Chadbourne!

Below are the suggested activities/ideas for families and students to show appreciation to our wonderful teachers next week that Amrita Mehrok sent to you.  (If you need help with knowing what your teachers' favorite things are - check with the classroom Room Parent - or check with me on Monday morning. After all, I have my secret ways of knowing things!  MU-AH Ha Ha)


1. Monday 5/6 - Bring a flower for your teacher.  :)

2. Tuesday 5/7 - Bring a handmade or store bought card/note for your teacher telling them why you appreciate them.

3. Wednesday 5/8 - CFFA hosts a luncheon for all teachers and gives them gift cards. Please contribute towards the expenses by donating any amount you can. You can drop your cash or check donations (checks made out to CFFA) in the "Teacher Appreciation Lunch Box" in the school office.

4. Thursday 5/9 - Bring School Supplies Day: Teachers need a lot of different items for their classrooms and you can show your appreciation by contributing to supplies they use frequently and have to buy on their own such as Dry Erase Markers , 8.5 X 11 Card Stock Paper, Correction Tape, Colored Pens for grading papers, Postits, Art Supplies, Sharpies, Cute Stamps for grading papers (i.e. Good Job, Smiley Face, things like that), sharpened #2 pencils, etc.

5. Friday 5/10 - Bring a treat day. Students can bring healthy treats such as snack bars, fruit, or their teacher's favorite coffee, tea, candy/chocolates, or baked goods.


Thank you all for surrounding our Teachers with your appreciation!  (I'm still overwhelmed by how wonderful call of you made us Admins feel this week! Hugs) 


If you are reading this on Saturday: May the Fourth Be With You! :)


Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary

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