Wed, Apr 22 5:27pm

Good Afternoon Pioneers.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break and had some time to relax and do a few fun things with the family.  I am so proud of my Pioneers and all their hard work; these are hard times and I know teaching my 2 boys has had it's challenges.  At home we set up a schedule that works for us, as that consistency helps them accomplish what they need to do everyday.  I have had to adapt and change how I do my work as well, but there are still days where I have no choice and things get put on the back burner.

I am so grateful for my staff. They have gone above and beyond in stepping out of their comfort zones to provide the best education they can for your students.  We understand that each family has different needs and resources and that job expectations are different for everyone.

As you are trying to help your students at home, please know that so are my teachers. They are doing everything they can to provide the best learning experience for all students. But they are also juggling work and family. Each teacher has a different way to send out information. Some teachers will communicate daily, others weekly, while a few may give the rest of the copies to the students to finish up the year.  You may have multiple students and find that they have different assignments and workloads, as I do with my two boys.  There are days when my kids do not get everything done. That is our reality right now and we do the best we can with what we have. 

I am here to help in any way I can but please also know that my teachers also have families and are dealing with many of the same issues many of you may be having to overcome. They have my unwavering support in what they are doing.  I am proud of how we are overcoming these obstacles and I would like us all to remember we are all in this together.


Thank you

Have a great evening


Mrs. Pedrotti