Traffic Safety - Need your Inputs!
Fri, Feb 16 12:52am
Chadbourne Elementary
Please fill this survey (open for two weeks)  -
Dear parents,
We face many issues during pick-up and drop-off of our kids. Of late, we see many instances of reckless driving, traffic incidents and some very angry parents/grandparents. Our tardy statistics has also increased.
Chadbourne has some unique problems when compared to other neighboring schools. We  have only  one valet loop, one entry/exit. Gomes for instance, has two valet loops. Adjacent middle/high schools and proximity to 680 adds to the traffic congestion. 
FUSD sponsors only ONE crossing guard, but we have  many  intersections - valet entry/exit, marigold/plymouth intersection, chiltern/plymouth intersection etc. A traffic assessment done by the school in 2016 suggested that we encourage parents to walk to school. But we don't have enough parent volunteers to guard all intersections and enforce this.
Please take a moment to fill up this form so we can understand the nature of the current issues. The form will be open for two weeks from now. Responses will be collated and submitted to the Fremont police, school admins and the volunteer patrol departments.
We will follow-up with actions and outcomes. Thank you for your inputs!
Anusha Vaidyanathan
(Parent and elected member, School Site Council)