UPDATE: Grades 2 - 6 Picking Up Classroom Materials
Wed, Aug 19 11:31am

Attention Parents of students in Grades 2 - 6:


A quick update regarding picking classroom materials and textbooks this week. (Unless your child's teacher has given you different instructions) here is our schedule:


Thursday   8/20

9am   -  2nd Grade

10am -  3rd Grade

Friday        8/21

9am  -  4th Grade

10am - 5th Grade

11am -  6th Grade

Due to COVID restrictions, the heat and smoke, we're trying to help minimize lines. If possible, only send one parent per family to help with keeping our students out of the smokey air.  (We will try to line you up in the shade if we can.)  Please remember your masks and follow all social distancing requirements. If you have additional children in these grade levels (2-6) - let us know when you reach the front of the line, and we will give you the materials for all of your children.


Thank you,


Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary