Wed, May 3 3:25pm

Good Afternoon Pioneer Families


Wanted to let you know of a few things.

Students and Teachers will be participating in a PRACTICE Emergency Drill on May 10, 2023 during school hours. 

Students may be sitting outside for an extended period of time during this PRACTICE drill.

Please help your child(ren) be comfortable by having them wear weather appropriate clothing. Your child(ren) may also bring a hat and wear sunscreen. 


Thank you for helping your child(ren) be ready for this PRACTICE drill. 


May 16th is our in-person Open House from 6-7.  We will have food trucks here before and during.  It is a good time to come and see what your students have been doing.  As it is an indoor event it is recommended that people wear masks.


After School Care:  I have had a few families that have contacted me in regards to after school care.  There will be something here next year, it may be a different company, but there will be something.


If you are a stay at home parent and would like to spend time at Chadbourne we are looking for Noon duty supervisors, especially as Kinder will be going to extended day and participating in Lunch with other students.  I have many friends who do lunch supervision at their child's school, and they really enjoy it.  They talk with students, play with them and just interact and have fun, while keeping everyone safe.


Thank you 


Mrs. Pedrotti